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ViaMotorsport embraces the capability of supplying opportunities of alternative education and therapeutic benefits. Our support encourages new personal and credible goals. We ensure a safe and progressive riding experience.

"Unlock your full potential via motorsport".


shaktherider r1 yamaha trackday

A proficient superbike rider, widely known as ‘shaktherider’ in his local community and expanding social media following, the founder of ViaMotorsport.


Shakeil has a decade of credible riding experiences, spanning from multiple road traffic accidents to superbike trackdays. His unique and ongoing motorcycle experience is the driving force behind Birmingham’s sole Independent Riding Coach.

shak coach

  • ViaMotorsport Founder/CEO

  • Independent Rider Coach

  • West Midlands, UK

  • Over 10 years road/superbike/mx experience

  • Multi-year training/coaching experience

  • A & ACU licence holder

  • Race track management & design

Starting as a young racing game player, Shakeil has grown into a motorsport enthusiast. As a teen, Shakeil developed a passion for riding motorcycles, subsequently from buying his first bike to commute to college. Whilst completing his college course, he was exposed to the biker community. This allowed him to position himself in the proximity of advanced riders. His competitive nature allowed him to learn and excel further than the riders that surrounded him. Once he passed his sound engineering course he took any given riding opportunity to seek new riders, skills and experiences.

Throughout his 20's Shakeil experienced multiple motorcycle RTA's and close relative deaths. Unbelievably, he did not lose his interest in riding which lead to him targeting a safer environment to continue exploring his passion, directing him to trackdays. Following various visits to tracks across the UK and validating his standout ability, he decided to support and encourage riders around him to pursue track oriented activities. 

In 2020, Shakeil was identified and approached by a local dealership to teach a young boy how to ride his newly acquired pit-bike. The success of this experience saw Shakeil aim towards creating a business out of this service.

In 2021 VIA2RIDING was established with the agreement of premises with his local youth centre. With permission, he designed and built a motorcycle training track, where he would demonstrate his undeniable capability of training and coaching. The success of his work created a class full of nationwide young riders winning races alongside several competent road riders. With the loss of council support in 2022, the track was shutdown, alongside his privileges at the youth centre.


Throughout 2023 Shakeil continued to offer limited services to those who need him whilst re-evaluating his business strategy. His goal is now geared towards, attaining a permanent residence to transfer his successful blueprint and allow riders to flourish under his wing in 2024 and beyond.


The seed of ViaMotorsport,



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